Red Raspberry Leaf Tea – A Woman’s Best Friend

by Robin Tyler, N.D. My spotlight herb for Women is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, not mixed with any other herbs but just straight Red Raspberry.  I have recommended this tea to countless women and the a…

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Saw Palmetto – Man’s Best Friend

by Robin Tyler, ND I highly recommend Saw Palmetto to any man for the health of a very vital organ in their bodies – the Prostate.  It is also a natural sexual stimulant for men and has been known …

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Spiritual Warfare


by Jewel Tyler

Spiritual warfare is a battle with the unseen.  Just because one cannot see them does not mean they don’t exist.  The key is knowing “Greater is HE within you than he who is in the world.”  They are already defeated and know it; the problem is do you?

It is because of our lack of knowledge the enemy has the ability to have a stronghold, an effect in your life; because you are not even aware of their presence.  The light of God in your life overshadows, uncovers the dark one and darkness as a whole.  Once revealed he and his crew have to flee.

Now, they don’t remain gone for long; “Why?” because we are in a “WAR” not of this dimension or world.  It only plays itself out in this realm.

One must seek God, pray, fast, to gain the ability to walk in Power and Spirit.  The flesh can be cumbersome, because it connects us with this world (cosmos) which currently is Lucifer and his armies dominion.

Walk, see, hear and be sensitive to the spiritual essence of who you are in Christ.